We build websites with CMS,
provide web hosting and domain registration

Our goal is satisfied customer. You can tell us your vision of your desired website with your own design concept or you can let us do all the design work. We will guide you with the process of choosing a domain which is one of the most important issues in branding your website and search engines visibility. Our company was built on an idea of our customers to be visible on first pages of search engine results. You can have a great idea which could have a great potential with lot of customers but it will fail just because you don't have the fundamental understanding of how Google and other search engines work (second biggest, maybe even more frequently used search engine in Czech republic, is Seznam.cz). These problems will fall off your shoulders and you can concentrate on building your brand name instead of wondering why is nobody visiting your website.

We give 100% of our energy to every project we make.

This is what makes us special


CMS - Content Management System

We build websiteswhich run on our own CMS. You can make and change web pages, texts, upload files and images.

Because we make our own CMS we are able to code any functionality you need.

For example we have made whole schooling system for MBA degrees.


Advanced SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Sometimes just a basic SEO is just not enough. Because there is more than a billion websites on the internet and this number is growing every day, not every one can be on the first page of search engine queries results. If you need to be visible on Google search engine results for a particular keyword such as "pet store" we have more advanced techniques how to achieve this. Because this action is more advanced and can't be done just with on page changes we monetize this service. But you pay only for actual results; only if we are able to get you to first page of the search engines! We monitor positions of your chosen keywords daily and you pay only if we're able to get you among first 10 positions.

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We have built more than 300 websites

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Do you want to see more of our work? See our czech version.

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Internet marketing and E-shops

  • Eshops

    Do yo need an eshop? We can initialize a 3rd party eshop system fast-webstore.com and redesign it for you. We will make the first moves needed for you to begin with your internet sales. We will also fill in eshop with products and give you instructions how to control the eshop. This solution is beneficial for everyone. We take care of the front-end of the eshop (what customers see) and programmers of fast-webstore.com can focus on functionality of the back-end (how eshop works).

  • Internet Marketing

    Sometimes even the organic flow of customers from search queries isn't enough. Sometimes you need to boost your business with money injection to generate more money. Best way to do this nowadays is through Google and Facebook ads. This source of visitors and customers isn't better or worse than from organic flow. These two methods lies next to each other. You need to use every oportunity to get in front of your competitors.


The prices may vary due to scale and extensions of individual projects and exchange rate


with CMS / without CMS

individual calculation

If you have already existing website and need just a little retouching (i.e. responsivity) or you want total redesign you can call us. Because of unknown scale of the project we can't mark a price at this moment. We can make you more accurate calculation upon given information of scale of the project.

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without CMS administration

from 470 €
( 12.000,- Kč )

Website with maximum number of 15 static pages without CMS. Suitable for smaller businesses which don't need to change content of the website frequently. Webmaster makes changes to html code through ftp.

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with CMS administration

from 412 €
( 10.720,- Kč )

Website with CMS which allows you to make and edit own articles and pages. Suitable for middle and large businesses.

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with CMS administration

from 558 €
( 14.500,- Kč )

Eshop with total control of products, categories and articles. Option of CSV or XML automatic imports.

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internet marketing

from 23 € / month
( 600,- Kč )

Make your business more efficient with Facebook and Google ads.

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42 Eshops
183 Customers
100 satisfaction

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